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The Sask Bath Company $14.00
An indulgent & botanical Bath Salt made with Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, detoxifying Kaolin Clays, Essential Oils and skin loving Shea Butter.
The Sask Bath Company $20.00
Enjoy a burst of clarifying and invigorating vapours in the shower. Packed with Menthol & therapeutic Essential Oils that help to awaken and clear congestion.
The Sask Bath Company $18.00
An easy and convenient way to soothe and moisturize cracked heels and stubborn areas of dry skin. Made with local Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Organic Calendula.
The Sask Bath Company $5.00
Made with local Beeswax and Organic Calendula, designed to hydrate & repair dry, cracked lips. Available in a range of delicious natural flavours.
The Sask Bath Company $6.50
Enjoy a relaxing bath with a fun, fizzing & foaming Bath Bomb. Made with therapeutic Epsom Salts and skin loving oils. Available in a variety of fun & natural colors and scents. 
The Sask Bath Company $22.00
Richly moisturizing, non greasy & fast absorbing lotion for the hands and body. Made with Shea Butter, Oat Protein & Organic Calendula Extract.
The Sask Bath Company $9.50
Traditional handmade soap, made in small batches using nourishing oils, butters and plant extracts. Long lasting hard bars with great bubbly lather and gentle skin moisturizing properties. Available in a range of natural and fun scents and colours.
The Sask Bath Company $24.00
All natural, herbal infused therapeutic salves, serums & oils made with local medicinal plants. Our ultra gentle and healing line includes products for the face, hands, & even babies.
The Sask Bath Company $7.50
Enjoy all the goodness of our regular Epsom Salts Bath Bombs, but with an extra burst of color and fun hidden toys to please the little ones!
*Warning: Contains choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 years.
The Sask Bath Company $12.00
Fun, fizzing and foaming Mini Bath Bombs that are great for the skin and soothing for the body. Made with Epsom Salts, natural oils and gentle non irritating colors and scents.
The Sask Bath Company $10.00
Enjoy a relaxing bath with fun, fizzing & foaming Epsom Salts Bath Dust in a rainbow of colors and scented in a classic fruity Sk-ittles blend!
The Sask Bath Company $14.00
Eco friendly, sulfate free hair care made with scalp soothing, hair loving ingredients. Each bar lasts 40-60 washes.
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