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HandmadeSask $33.99

A tumbler with the phrase "#teacherlife" on it and surrounded by school supplies.

April Nora Designs $12.00
12mm Druzy Earrings in a variety of colors!  Colors may vary when there’s more than one of any color.
Stainless Steel posts
Rolin Creations $12.00

2 cotton dishcloths , approximate size 8x8 inches
also included one nylon scrubbie
wash normal and dry low with like colours.  
Scrubby can be disinfected using bleach if desired.  Scrubby is washable in dishwasher or laundry as well.  

assorted colours 

Rolin Creations $6.00
Durable and long lasting our scrubbers are made of polypropylene.  Wash in top rack of your dishwasher or in regular laundry.  You can also bleach if you want to sanitize them that way.
Rolin Creations $6.00
Clean and scrub all in one.  Made of 50% cotton and 50% polypropylene.  Machine wash in regular laundry with like colours.  Available in a variety of colours.  
Rolin Creations $7.50
Made of 100% cotton.  Great eco friendly option for cleaning off makeup as well as exfoliating skin.  All in a pretty flower shape.  Machine wash cool with like colours.  Tumble dry low.
Tangled Stories Designs and Creations $7.00

Dimensions: 3.4" x 4"

-Printed on glossy vinyl stickers

-Waterproof and weatherproof

-Not recommended for dishwasher, but safe in carwash

-Ideal for gadgets, water bottles, and cars

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