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Sharp Owl Soap Shoppe $12.00

Travel Soap - Purse, lunch kits, coat pockets and vehicles!  These tiny soap pieces can travel with you wherever you go.  Fragrantly scented with a lightly floral Rose Fragrance oil, and boasting moisturizing additions of Rose Hydrosol and Oat Milk, these cute, tiny but hard working companions are ready to start working to keep you safe.

25 g/14 pieces 

Travel Soap – Although these tiny soaps are meant as a one time use soap, they certainly can be reused, and are surprisingly long lasting, meant to be kept in your vehicle, pocket or purse for times when no soap is available or you know that the dispenser soap is very drying. May take a little more time to bubble up because they don’t have the surface area of a full size bar.


Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $19.95
“We need to be careful that we don’t hurt the gifts that are given to us.” Told in paskwâwinîmowin (Plains Cree), anihšināpēmowin (Saulteaux), and English, this simple tale of traditional teachings and values follows a grandparent and grandchild on a visit to a chokecherry patch, where lessons about respect and gratitude for the earth’s gifts are shared.
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