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DriverWorks Ink $23.95

Never Leave Your Wingman: Dionne and Graham Warner’s Story of Hope by Deana J. Driver is the inspiring true story of seven-time cancer survivor Dionne Warner, who danced around in costume inside the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dionne and her fun-loving husband Graham have battled cancer head-on with laughter, joy, courage, and hope since Dionne's December 2009 diagnosis of Stage IV cancer of the liver, lung, and bone. When Dionne was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2001 she told Graham, her fiancé at that point, that he did not have to marry her - she would return to her home in Toronto, Ontario. An experienced pilot, Graham quickly said: "You never leave your wingman." This is an unforgettable, inspiring true story and a lesson in love. 

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $18.95
All’s wool that ends wool in this cozy story of a little lamb with a big challenge–making a woolly jumper of her very own!
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $19.95
The Magic of the Peatlands. There’s a melody, if you pay heed,<br>calling you to follow Nature’s lead—<br>a familiar tune, a chorused creed,<br>a song of both grown plant and seed.<br><br>As the fluted magic on the wind floats by,<br>you might find yourself only insect-high—<br>or even too small to be seen by the eye!<br>(But how else could you ride a dragonfly?)<br><br>The Council of Beings has asked me to greet<br>young readers who would like to meet<br>nature’s apprentices. Their challenging feat<br>is to strive to save the moss and peat.
Blow Creative Arts $23.00
Grandma’s Garden fits perfectly in to Antymniuk’s collection of children’s books all tied together with themes of place. Similar to her previous titles, readers will find comfort in her playful watercolour illustrations and rhyming text. Grandma’s Garden is simple, warm and a delight for readers young and old.
DriverWorks Ink $19.95

When their friends, Kami and Eddie Mark, accidentally fall into the time-travelling tunnels below Moose Jaw, fourteen-year-old Andrea and her ten-year-old brother Tony have no choice but to go back in time to rescue them. In that dank, dark underground, they learn of harsh working conditions being forced on Chinese immigrants, and Kami and Eddie are now among them! Can Andrea and Tony find enough money to pay the Chinese Head Tax the Canadian government has imposed on their friends? What risks must be taken to save Kami and Eddie and get safely back to the present?

This updated third book in the bestselling Canadian children’s adventure series features modernized language, 12 black and white illustrations, Historical Notes, Useful Resources, Discussion Questions, and a Get Creative section.

DriverWorks Ink $24.95

    In this, her fourth spiritual guidebook, award-winning author Lisa Driver will help you reconnect with your spiritual radiance, reminding you of your Divine perfection. She shares her personal journey along with spiritual tools – such as meditations, Angel Activations, exercises, and journal prompts – to help you heal your need to achieve, stop sabotaging yourself, and make room for pockets of rest, reflection, acceptance, and clarity. Feel the love of your angels and ancestors as they encourage you to let go of the past and the pressure you feel. You are loved. You are supported, You Are Enough.
Lisa Driver is an award-winning spiritual wellness author, a healer, speaker, and a busy mom to two beautiful daughters. She is a huge fan of all things spiritual and metaphysical, and she loves to inspire and motivate other nurturing women to stop seeking, start connecting, and manifest a rich, full life! You Are Enough is Lisa’s fourth spiritual guidebook since she began her spiritual healing journey in 2012. She resides with her husband Kyle and their two daughters in Medicine Hat, Alberta, in a house overlooking the coulee

Miss Bees Knees Creations $10.00
Metallic watercolour fireworks over a blue background are the star of these bookmarks! Each one is hand painted so each one is unique! All bookmarks are in a cover and have tassels. 
Miss Bees Knees Creations $10.00
Bookmarks featuring hand drawn illustrations of Saskatchewan's Provincial flower with bold oranges and greens painted with watercolour paints. All bookmarks are hand made, therefore each are unique!
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $19.95
“We need to be careful that we don’t hurt the gifts that are given to us.” Told in paskwâwinîmowin (Plains Cree), anihšināpēmowin (Saulteaux), and English, this simple tale of traditional teachings and values follows a grandparent and grandchild on a visit to a chokecherry patch, where lessons about respect and gratitude for the earth’s gifts are shared.
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $16.95
What happens when fridge food turns fuzzy? Find out in this delightful children's picture book about a pickle that's been in the fridge so long it's grown legs!
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $19.95
Between right and wrong, it’s Shepherd’s call. Charlie Wolfe vanishes from Tony Shepherd’s high school graduation, leaving only a cryptic message asking for help. On his own, Tony must summon all the skills he’s learned over the years to find his friend. He’ll leave the safety of home and family to face off against old foes and uncover the truth of Charlie’s disappearance. But things are more complicated and dangerous than he realizes, and he’ll have to choose just how far he’s willing to go to save his friend.
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