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Seagull Island--kiyāsko-miniscikos
“waniskā. wāpan,” mosōm says. “Wake up. It’s morning, little one. You, me, and kohkom are going for a boat ride for the day.” And that is exactly what they do in this quiet book that celebrates traditional life in modern times. Held warmly in his kohkom’s arms, little Luke watches ducks, pelicans and cormorants on the way to Seagull Island, where the family collects eggs for their shore lunch and to share later with Auntie at home.

Seagull Island: kiyāsko-miniscikos is inspired by Elder Myles Hector Charles’s memories of gathering eggs with his grandson Luke in northern Saskatchewan. Written in English with Woodland Cree words and phrases, the story and illustrations show the deep connection between families and the land.

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