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Flight - Stories of Canadian Aviation Vol. 3 book edited by Deana J. Driver

Precarious landings, mid-air optical illusions, hidden airstrips, annoying passengers, and long-distance flights for the birds are among the true stories in this engaging third volume of the Flight series. In their own words or with the help of author-publisher Deana J. Driver or other writers, Canadian aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and other aviation personnel share stories of tense flights, perilous routes, historic achievements, and impressive flying adventures in this salute to Canada’s aviation industry and its people.

6”x9”; 192 pages, 62 photos, index; 33 short stories plus introduction by 15 contributing writers including author-publisher Deana J. Driver; Ages 13 to Adult. Non-Fiction; Transportation; Aviation; Short stories; Anecdotes; Military; Canadian history; Canadian authors.

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