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Don't They Kick When You Do That? Vol. 2 book by Dr. Gary Hoium

Don’t They Kick When You Do That? Vol. 2

More Stories of a Prairie Veterinarian

By Dr. Gary Hoium

This second volume of short stories by Dr. Gary Hoium shares more amusing anecdotes about the animals and humans he encountered over his 40 years as a veterinarian in a mixed-animal practice in southeastern Saskatchewan. Dr. Hoium’s wit and sense of humour are apparent as you read about more encounters, experiences, and adventures with animals and their human owners – all from his perspective as an “Animal Doc.” From his childhood days to his 2021 retirement, Dr. Hoium’s love of animals and humans is evident, endearing, and often downright hilarious. With a James Herriot-style of storytelling, Dr. Hoium spins even more tales of his work life while explaining, for example, why it is important to ask questions before buying a “used” rabbit; how a dog’s day is determined by smelly pants; and what a vet has to do when he runs out of dry clothes during a Prairie springtime snowstorm. No two days were ever the same. Whether they weighed ounces or over a tonne, each animal presented unique challenges, risks, and dangers. Some bite, some lick, some fight, and some kick. Heck, some of that is true of his human clients too!

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