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Kitako Lake Raw Saskatchewan Honey

Kitako Lake Honey. 

We are 2nd generation beekeepers who are dedicated to furthering our practice of beekeeping and producing pure, raw, and unfiltered honey in the process! Located in the Aspen Parkland region of East Central Saskatchewan, we aim to let the principles of sustainability, an attitude of experimentation, and a respect for our natural environment to inform the practices through which our products are collected and crafted.

This is an ongoing practice, and we invite our customers to be inquisitive, ask questions, and learn and grow as we do! Additionally, we want to keep our work environment vital, and we strive to hire people with a respect for nature, a sense of community, and a desire to learn. A good work ethic doesn’t hurt either.


Product Description

What the Heck is Kitako Lake Raw Honey?

Our honey is heated only gently to assist in the bottling process. It is never pasteurized ( heated at high temperatures to kill bacteria, yeasts and microbes) and never fine filtered. That means our Raw Honey maintains it’s natural health benefits and is uncompromised in it’s quality.
Sometimes Kitako Lake Honey is Liquid, sometimes it’s solid, and sometimes it’s in between! why is that?h

The process of honey solidifying is usually called ” Crystallization”, and occurs naturally in all honeys. This is due to the natural glucose in honey turning to crystals over time. Different varieties of honey crystallize differently, and you will find honey on the shelf that is in various stages of this process! Don’t worry about your honey crystallizing. In fact, it’s one of the signs that your Kitako Lake Honey is a Raw and natural product.

But I want Liquid Honey, and there is only crystallized stuff on the shelf!

Give it a bath, my friend! Putting your jar of crystallized honey into a pot of warm or hot (not boiling) water will eventually re-liquefy your honey, all while keeping the natural and desirable benefits of Raw Honey intact.
You’ve got different varieties of honey. What’s up with that?

Most of our honeys are separated by flower type. During spring and summer, we place our hives in specific locations at specific times, allowing the bees to forage nectar and pollen from the most prolific plants in their vicinity. For example, our Dandelion Honey is harvested in late June, from hives placed in locations that are rich in dandelion blossoms. Our Sweet Clover Honey, however, is harvested several weeks later, from hives that have been placed smack dab in the middle of a sweet clover field. This allows us to harvest, bottle and market these floral specific varieties with confidence that the vast majority of the honey is made up from these flowers!

What about your Raw Creamed Honey?

We classify our Creamed Honey as Raw because the creaming process that it undergoes is completed at low temperatures and does not pasteurize or damage the honey or compromise it’s health benefits. That means that you get the amazing texture and taste and terroir of our creamed honey without sacrificing the health benefits of raw honey!
– Steven Hawrishock (ceo)

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