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Don't They Kick When You Do That? book by Dr. Gary Hoium
Dr. Gary Hoium joined a mixed animal clinic in Weyburn, Saskatchewan in 1984 and has since served animals (and their humans) of all shapes and sizes, collecting an endless array of humorous and heartwarming stories along the way. Written with Dr. Hoium’s unmistakable wit and sense of fun, Don’t They Kick When You Do That is a compilation of his real-life adventures, mishaps, and rousing successes, sure to entertain and captivate anyone who’s ever had an interest in animals, being a vet, or life on the Canadian Prairies. From cattle to hogs, cats to dogs, the creatures and men and women who love them have wormed their way into Gary Hoium’s heart … and his stories. And, yes, sometimes they do kick when he does that.

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