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Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $18.00
Before the bubble bursts … In each of these twenty-two short stories comes a brief, shining moment—a surreal turning point—in which we are surprised to discover that the reality of our own comfortable little world is balanced on the sharply honed edge of a knife.<br><br>F. E. Eldridge uses a finely tuned literary lens to focus on and magnify the impact of a single moment in time in the lives of her female protagonists, young and old, in these tales of both past and present, in settings that range from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley to the Canadian Prairies.
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $16.00

Shepherd & Wolfe. They’re not the Hardy Boys. High school student Sheri Beckman has disappeared. When a massive search turns up nothing, her boyfriend, Tony Shepherd, joins forces with a wise-ass troublemaker named Charlie Wolfe to find out what happened. But Charlie’s investigations aren’t always legal, so when another missing girl is found dead, Tony must decide whether doing right might sometimes mean doing wrong. Together, Shepherd and Wolfe must find a ruthless killer and stop him before someone else dies.

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $19.00
Daryl Sexsmith's passion for wilderness and the canoe as a vehicle to explore that wilderness comes through loud and clear in this memoir of living and travelling on Canadian rivers, and the strong bonds forged between canoeing friends.
Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $16.00

This inventive collection of literary and visual oddments embodies the creative spirit of Marie Elyse St. George at its wicked, witty, and sometimes wise best. Eight decades have passed since she held up an armful of kittens to the camera, and she continues to entertain with An Assortment of stories, poems, illustrations, and undefinables—meticulously drawn, at times tragic, and often darkly humorous.

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $31.00

Magical adventures in Ukraine! When the wind brings Natalia babushkas just like the ones her baba once wore, she is taken on a series of magical journeys to a time long ago and discovers the traditions of her Ukrainian heritage—the greatest of which is the love of family.

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $10.00

"A century is only a spoke in the wheel of everlasting time." -Louis Riel. In 1885, Batoche is a dangerous place to be! The discovery of a magic pocket watch at the Batoche National Historical Site hurls Max, Kaeleigh and Liam back in time to the eve of the greatest battle fought in the North West: the Battle of Batoche! The North West Field Force sent by Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald is about to attack the Métis of the small village. Soldiers march and the bell of Batoche rings out in warning as the three time-travelling siblings, together with their new friend Isidore, find a way to help Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel lead their people during the North West Resistance. It's an adventure like nothing they could have imagined, full of danger, intrigue and mystery! 

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $16.00

Hello! I am a bumblebee. Would you like to play with me? Finding friends is lots of fun ... all it takes to find a friend is beeing one! Join a curious little bumblebee on his journey to making friends in the garden.

Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing $16.00

I am a bumblebee. But I'm not happy being me. I would like to be someone new...but who?

HandmadeSask $6.00

A metal bookmark with the printed phrase "I teach little people to read I'm kind of a big deal" and decorated with books and apples on the top and bottom.

The Otter Side $7.00
Leather bookmarks with tassel made from Vegetable tanned leather.  Dyed in various colors with various patterns hand stamped.  1 1/2" x 6 1/2 "
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